KAIT JOSEPH is appellation of Kaitlin McHugh’s LA-rooted spatial design studio, which focuses on interior architecture, interior design, residential and commercial curation and staging.

We strive for a holistic approach to environmental design in efforts to elevate of our clients’ personal/company style. Our general aesthetic is what Dabito (oldbrandnew.com) labeled Modern Bohemian; a of blend classic modern design—clean lines, openness and functionality—with the textured exuberance of the bohemian and handmade.

Both ecologically and economically conscientious, we utilize items clients currently own, refurbished and found pieces, vintage pieces and new designs. We advocate adaptive reuse - the potential beauty of up-cycling - while fervently supporting contemporary artists, designers and makers. 

We find inspiration in the natural world - desert skies, mountainous panoramas, celestial bodies -and the in human creations of art, architecture and craft; in the industrial elements of urbanscapes, in both the quiet and cacophonous nature of humanity. We seek a stylistic balance of simplicity and ornamentation, the glorious and the faded, the familiar and the exotic, the decaying and the vibrant.

KAIT JOSEPH creates spaces that are visual expressions of a client’s sum total experience — that of the individual and the collective, rich with spirit and story. We like our surroundings to convey where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced, while also reflecting the present moment and leaving space for growth.


After receiving a fine art degree in printmaking from The Colorado College, Kaitlin studied urban planning & ecological architectural design at both the Harvard GSD and Arizona’s Ecosa Institute. She participated in the University of Utah’s design build program, building a residence in Bluff UT. She spent years drafting and designing residences and managing remodels in Park City, UT.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Kaitlin operated as Director of Development & Special Collections at Natural Curiosities—a wholesale art house rooted firmly in the home decor industry, where she and her team worked closely with interior designers to develop custom art lines for retail spaces as well as one-of-a-kind pieces for private projects. Since that time, she collaborated with SHFT.com to cultivate their signature interior style, worked closely with independent LA designers on numerous residential and small scale commercial projects throughout the Los Angeles area. Southern California is home, but travel for design work is a constant.

KAIT JOSEPH on Instagram @kaitjoseph